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How can we help you? 💪

I saw the solutions listed on the website, none of them fits to my business.

In this case, we suggest contacting us with a short paragraph telling us about your business, needs, a few sentences about your customers or visitors. We will then propose you a custom solution.

Which is right for my business, augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR)?

Choosing between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) depends on your business objectives and the type of customer engagement you aim to achieve. Here's a brief comparison to help you decide:

Augmented Reality (AR)

Best For:
- Enhancing the physical environment with digital elements.
- Retailers, museums, and venues that want to add interactive layers to their physical spaces.
- Marketing and advertising campaigns that engage customers in real-world locations.
- Training and education where overlaying information on real-world objects is beneficial.

No need for special hardware; can be accessed via smartphones, tablets, or AR glasses.
- Keeps users connected to the real world while adding digital enhancements.
- Ideal for on-the-go experiences and in-store navigation.
- Engages users with interactive, location-based content.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Best For:
Creating completely immersive environments to be consumed at home.
- Gaming and entertainment industries where full immersion enhances the experience.
- Virtual tours for single user sessions, without many social elemets.

Provides a fully immersive experience, isolating and extracting users from the real world.
- Enhances engagement by placing users in entirely virtual environments.

ZAUBAR’s AR Offering

Generally it must be said that AR and VR are converging. That's why Apple call's it Spatial Computing where the amount of changing of the users' reality sits on a spectrum. At ZAUBAR we are set on building a platform that is giving you the best of both worlds.

At ZAUBAR, we specialize in augmented and mixed reality solutions designed to enhance customer engagement in real-world settings. Our GenAI-powered AR platform allows businesses to create immersive and interactive content without the need for app downloads.

This is particularly useful for:
- Increasing on-site engagement and customer interaction.
- Reducing the need for costly commercial space and costly staff.
- Reducing the cost and complexity of 3D content creation.
- Enabling easy content management and distribution via our SaaS platform.

If your goal is to enhance the physical environment of your business and create interactive experiences that engage customers in real-world settings, AR is the right choice. However, ZAUBAR offers a variety of solutions that generally allow you to add Spatial AI knowledge to your products and locations in order to save expenditures and make more money.

ZAUBAR’s platform can help you achieve this with scalable, AI-driven AR content that boosts customer engagement and brand loyalty.

If you have more specific needs or further questions, feel free to ask!

Do you have discounts for local tour guides?

Yes, we offer discounts for local tour guides and even free tiers for educational purposes. We support local businesses and aim to enhance their tours with immersive AR experiences.

I only have a vague idea how my business can benefit from AR, how shall I proceed?

To explore AR benefits for your business, start by clarifying your goals (e.g., increase engagement, drive sales).

Understand your audience’s tech habits and preferences.

Common AR use cases include virtual try-ons, interactive product displays, guided tours, gamified exploration, and location-based promotions.

Consult with ZAUBAR to assess AR's potential impact and identify suitable applications.

Consider starting with a pilot project to test customer engagement and gather feedback.

Evaluate the results to plan for a broader rollout if successful.

Contact ZAUBAR for a consultation to discuss tailored AR solutions:


Phone: +49 176 4570 9672

We can provide insights, case studies, and help you brainstorm ideas specific to your business needs.

I have a managerial role at marketing or communications, is this the right software solution for me?

Yes, ZAUBAR’s AR platform is ideal for marketing and communications managers. It enhances customer engagement with interactive and immersive experiences, driving brand visibility and sales. Take a look at our work for brands.

Our GenAI-powered tools simplify 3D content creation, making it cost-effective and easy to manage.

The platform requires no app downloads and offers robust monetization options. It’s perfect for creating location-based promotions, virtual product try-ons, and interactive ads.

I work at a creative agency I am a freelancer and world like create a ZAUBAR experience and sell to my client?

Yes, ZAUBAR aims to be perfect for freelancers and creative agencies. Our user-friendly AR tools allow you to create immersive experiences that you can sell to your clients. Enhance their brand engagement and stand out in the market with cutting-edge AR content that you can easily whitelabel.

How many data points are collected from my users?

We might collect minimal data necessary to enhance user experience and ensure platform functionality, based on client opt-out. This typically includes usage patterns, engagement metrics, and basic demographic information. All data collected is anonymized and secured, adhering to strict privacy standards.

I am not a technical person and I do not have technical team members, is this the right software solution for me?

Definitely - our software is user-friendly and requires no technical skills. Our intuitive interface and comprehensive support make it easy for anyone to create and manage AR content. Enhance customer engagement effortlessly.

I am looking for some press material to feature ZAUBAR.

Great! We can provide you with press material to feature ZAUBAR. You will find initial content here. Please contact us directly for any specific needs such as more granular access to advanced versions of our press kit, including in-depth company background, more high-resolution images, logos, and historical press releases.

Is there a discount for education and non-profits?

Yes, we do offer discounts for educational institutions and non-profits. We are committed to supporting organizations that aim to educate and benefit the community through innovative AR and AI experiences.

Can I test the product before purchasing?

Yes, we grant a trial period and demo onboarding for you to test our product before purchasing. This allows you to explore our platform’s features and see how it can benefit your business.

I am an investor considering investing in ZAUBAR.

Thank you for your interest in investing in ZAUBAR!

We are continously in discussions to expand our GenAI and AR SaaS platform.

For detailed information, including our business model, market potential, and growth strategy, please contact our co-founder and CEO, Stefan Marx to schedule a call and receive our investor deck:


Phone: +49 176 4570 9672

We look forward to discussing this exciting opportunity with you.

I do not own a location or I would like to create an experience on a public place(e.g., a street, a park, a town square)

No problem! You absolutely do not need to own any particular location.

ZAUBAR's AR platform is designed to create immersive experiences in any location, including public spaces like streets, parks, and town squares. On top of that our experiences are distributed as native content on 3D maps and even on traditonal imagery, as well. This means that you can freely create content to your heart's content and start your career as a Spatial Creator.