As Euro 2024 approaches, excitement builds across Germany and beyond, promising not only a spectacle of soccer but also a demonstration of cutting-edge technological integration in public events. ZAUBAR is at the forefront of enhancing this international event through innovative, social augmented reality (AR) solutions with its AI-powered technology.

The Challenge: Navigating Crowds at a Major Sporting Event

Euro 2024 is set to attract massive crowds, with thousands of fans gathering in parks, public squares, and stadiums to cheer on their teams. One of the persistent challenges at such large-scale events is finding and connecting with friends in vast, noisy, and crowded venues. Traditional methods like texting or calling can be ineffective against the backdrop of cheers and excitement.

The Idea: Seamless Social Connectivity through AR

Recognizing the potential to solve this issue through technology, ZAUBAR saw an opportunity to enhance their product suite with AR features tailored for Euro 2024. The concept was to leverage AR not just as a novelty but as a practical tool to improve user experience—making the app a resource for event information and updates as well as a crucial social facilitator.

Implementation: AR Friend Finder by ZAUBAR

ZAUBAR’s development team embarked on integrating an AR Friend Finder feature into their platform. This feature utilizes augmented reality to help users locate their friends in real-time within the event’s environment. By simply opening their app and activating the AR mode, users can see directional arrows and friend locators overlaid on the real-world image through their phone’s camera. This intuitive interface guides them through the crowd directly to their friends’ locations, enhancing safety and ensuring that no one misses out on the fun due to getting lost.

Impact and Adoption

The AR Friend Finder feature is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, encouraging widespread adoption among Euro 2024 attendees. ZAUBAR seeks to become the go-to AR solution for such mass events. ZAUBAR's software can be integrated into already existing apps, or custom apps can be created.

Conclusion: A New Standard for Event Experiences

ZAUBAR has set the standard for immersive fan and customer experiences with OOH campaigns, and now stepping up for mass public events. The AR Friend Finder is a testament to the power of augmented reality in bridging the gap between digital convenience and real-world interactions. As we move forward, this project exemplifies the potential of AR to transform everyday challenges into opportunities for innovation and engagement, promising a more connected and enjoyable Euro 2024 for everyone involved.