The Problem: AR Content Creation Challenges

Remember the pre-WordPress era? Launching a website required programming skills, design know-how, and expertise in hosting, domains, SEO, and more. It was a complex, multi-faceted process that kept many potential website owners at bay. But then came graphical website editors and CMS systems, making it easy for anyone to spin off a website and contribute to the ever-expanding internet. However, AR content creation is currently stuck in that pre-WordPress era. Consumer brands and cultural institutions struggle with the technical and artistic expertise required to create their own immersive AR experiences, hindering widespread adoption.

The Idea: A User-Friendly AR CMS

Imagine a world where crafting your own AR experience is as easy as building a website. With a user-friendly and intuitive AR Content Management System (CMS) featuring a graphical user interface, this dream becomes reality. Brands could effortlessly run low-cost, out-of-home marketing campaigns in bustling streets, free from the burden of rent or personnel limitations. Cultural institutions like museums, memorial sites, or tourist landmarks could transform their media archives and historical footage into immersive experiences, enriching visitor engagement with minimal time and financial investment.

The Implementation: ZAUBAR’s AR CMS

ZAUBAR is bridging this gap with our AR CMS, designed specifically for businesses and cultural institutions. Our AR CMS empowers users to create, collaborate on, and deploy their own AR projects with ease. The system is being developed for the web, offering core functionalities such as content uploading, transforming (preparing for AR), managing, and distributing. By simplifying the AR content creation process, ZAUBAR enables organizations to harness the full potential of AR without needing specialized technical skills.

The Impact: Accelerating AR Adoption

Our AR CMS will be a game-changer, accelerating the adoption of AR technology across various sectors. It makes AR content creation straightforward, allowing for easy distribution and monetization. Brands can launch dynamic marketing campaigns, and cultural institutions can offer enriched visitor experiences, all while saving time and resources. The result? A thriving ecosystem where AR becomes a standard tool for engagement and storytelling.

Conclusion: Join the AR Revolution with ZAUBAR

ZAUBAR’s AR CMS is more than just a tool; it’s a gateway to a new era of digital interaction. By lowering the barriers to AR content creation, we’re enabling a diverse range of organizations to explore and exploit the possibilities of augmented reality. Whether you’re a brand looking to captivate audiences with innovative marketing or a cultural institution aiming to enhance visitor engagement, ZAUBAR’s AR CMS is your ultimate solution. Join us in transforming the AR landscape and making immersive experiences accessible to all.


At ZAUBAR, we're revolutionizing the way brands, agencies, and cultural institutions create, distribute, and monetize augmented reality (AR) experiences. Our AI-powered platform is designed to be use-case agnostic, providing robust solutions for out-of-home marketing, brand engagement, and immersive visitor experiences. Trusted by industry giants like Coca Cola, SIEMENS, UGG, Deutsche Telekom, Kempinski Hotels, Beiersdorf, and Borussia Dortmund, ZAUBAR combines the reliability of native apps with the accessibility of WebAR through download-free and seamless App Clips and Instant Apps.