Immerse yourself in medieval times and become part of the daily life in the castle's porch

A unique, historical location

Niederburg Manderscheid is a medieval castle located in Western Germany. It is a unique place for history buffs who want to immerse themselves in medieval times. The castle already offers individual tours, is a romantic wedding location, and is home to a historical castle festival. Although the castle itself is gorgeous, without proper organization, narration, and decoration, it cannot live up to its full potential. The best time to visit Niederburg Manderscheid is during the Burgfest, where visitors can breathe history and immerse themselves in the middle ages. Unfortunately, the Burgfest is happening only once a year, leaving off-season visitors in a disadvantaged state.

Historical places can stay engaging and attractive during off-season even without a tour guide. Augmented reality (AR) offers location operators of touristic landmarks and cultural sites such as museums, galleries, and memorial sites, powerful tools to ensure an unforgettable visit experience to their audience. One such tool is gamification. Gamification is an effective and fun way to lead the crowd to explore what you would like them to explore in a guided fashion.

What is an AR game?

To understand an AR game, look no further than Pokémon GO. Undoubtedly, GO was a huge hit. However, nobody could have expected an AR game to hit mainstream adoption as early as 2016, most without knowing what AR is before download. Although the craze calmed, AR games now have their place in the mainstream's heart and mind.

Enter Zeitreise Niederburg

Zeitreise Niederburg is an innovative Augmented Reality Role Playing Game (AR RPG) with a rich storyline that brings the history of the Eifel town of Manderscheid and its two castle ruins to life impressively. Location-based experience takes place in the picturesque surroundings near Manderscheid are the ruins of two castles, the Niederburg, and the Oberburg. The AR experience focuses on the Niederburg and offers visitors an experience that immerses them in the day-to-day life of the Middle Ages.

Through the successful combination of AR technology and high-quality content, Zeitreise Niederburg creates a unique experience that is both educational and entertaining. Visitors can experience the fascinating world of the Middle Ages up close while exploring the impressive ruins of Niederburg Castle. This project demonstrates the enormous potential of augmented reality in cultural education and tourism by bringing history to life in an engaging way.

Sophisticated holographic techniques were used to record professional actors and actresses that bring 300 storylines and medieval re-enactments to life in the Niederburg. This technique transforms visitors into players who can immerse themselves in castle life and experience an exciting journey through time. In addition, the app offers a tour mode for those who prefer guided exploration and a game mode for those seeking an interactive experience.

How does an AR game look like from the visitor's point of view?

Imagine you are visiting the castle and being handed a tablet. First, the narrator tells you the background, and you are onboarded to the storyline. Then, you start exploring the court while coming across AR non-player characters (i.e., computer avatars). Dialog boxes open up as you interact with the avatars. Storyline itself is a cinematic masterpiece. each time making a decision, while each decision affects what you will see next.