In collaboration with agencies groupm and The WOW, ZAUBAR created a captivating OOH special staging using artificial intelligence that turns passersby into brand ambassadors and connects the physical and digital worlds in a fresh and exciting way.

You and AI in downtown Hamburg

Against the vibrant backdrop of the Klubhaus building in St. Pauli, Hamburg, Fanta invited the creator community and passersby to be part of the Fanta Zero Orange launch. Participants scanned a QR code placed on dynamic posters around the building, launching the AR experience directly on their smartphone.

When the app launched, users were prompted to upload a selfie. The app used Generative AI to transform their images into fantasy-themed artworks, following Fanta's campaign look, using vibrant colors and playful, splashy effects that reflected Fanta's dynamic branding. The transformed selfies were not only returned to users, but also projected in real-time onto the facade of the clubhouse building, creating a spectacular public display.

Organic reach on social media

Users shared their personalized fantasy-themed selfies on various social platforms, generating organic user-generated content that increased the visibility of the overall campaign for Fanta Zero Sugar.

Raising the bar for product launches

Fanta's AR campaign to launch Zero Orange has set a new benchmark for how brands can integrate augmented reality and AI to create compelling marketing experiences. This campaign showcases ZAUBAR's ability to push the boundaries of AR technology and create memorable experiences that bridge the gap between digital intrigue and physical presence.