With more than 20 entrances and exits, the Jungfernstieg underground and S-Bahn station resembles a labyrinth. It's no wonder that the station is nicknamed the "fox hole": even though you want to get to the banks of the Alster, you suddenly find yourself in the middle of Rathausmarkt. The multi-story tunnel system in the city center has already driven many a passenger to despair. The Hamburg Hochbahn knows this too. With a new augmented reality application from ZAUBAR, it wants to remedy the situation and provide more orientation in the underground maze of paths. "The Jungfernstieg station is one of the busiest stops in the Hamburg underground network. The stop has grown over time and is considered particularly challenging for passengers in terms of orientation due to its complexity," explains Hochbahn spokesman Christoph Kreienbaum.

A large-scale innovation project is now intended to improve these orientation options. "There is always a way out. Find your way out of the labyrinth,” promises a pillar in the middle of the platform of subway line 1. If you want to be guided through the Jungfernstieg maze, all you need is a suitable smartphone (iOS 17, Android 10 or higher).

And this is how it works: Simply scan the QR code on the pillar with your cell phone and the ZAUBAR app clip/instant app application will open on your smartphone - and all without downloading. Now just allow the app temporary access to the cell phone camera and the app will ask you where you want to go.

If you have decided on a destination, you will find yourself in a virtual version of Jungfernstieg station. The image that can actually be seen through the cell phone camera appears on the smartphone screen - only in a glittering version that is more reminiscent of the 1980s film “Tron” than a subway station.

To get to the desired exit, users must now follow white arrows that light up on the virtual platform floor. Getting lost is virtually impossible: If you go in the wrong direction, you will see the message "Wrong Way". Warnings also pop up if you walk too close to the tracks or if a train arrives. To make the app a little more fun, digital coins appear along the way that users can collect and set a personal high score. But don't worry, if you leave the coins behind, you will still get to the exit in the end.